Monday, December 3, 2012

it's time for.... SMILEE :)

Today, i was looking at the news feed in Facebook. Then suddenly i found this video which my friend shared it with the others. Actually, kinda feel a bit lazy to watch it. But when i read what my friends have commented about the video, it draw a big smile on my face and in the end, it made me watching the video. Really funny.

This is the video:

and let see what a friend of mine wrote:
Ko ada undi tak nak pilih ayah ko before ko lahir?

i don't know whether you guys get it or not, but that phrase is so funny. Those who get it, let us smile together  but those who do not, just leave it or draw a big '?' in your mind and let it wandering around okeh

p/s: don't forget to recite at least an 'ayat' in the quran after prayer. Together we try to istiqamah and istiqamah is sweet.

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